Fundraiser Dinner

You are invited to our annual fundraiser 30 May 2024 6:30 p.m. Our guest speaker, JoAn Wood, created Wood Drug Court. JoAn Wood served in public office for 32 years.

She is a former Representative of Idaho, a Mental Health Advocate, and continues to advocate for families everywhere. Together we are supporting families who are choosing to make healthy changes to improve their lives. Come enjoy the evening!



Each child is given the opportunity to benefit from our program. Providing experiences to practice these skills together with a parent or trusted adult.  Learn how to create an atmosphere for teaching healthy communication methods, boundaries, empathy, and much more. 


“The EXPERIENCE of domestic violence is different for each individual. One may walk away physically yet, not know how to walk away mentally.” (Founder of Kidz Can, Inc. Crystal Hymas)  

Learn to break the chain of abuse with guided support and find more resources for help.

Recieve the Kidz Can Passport to work on building life skills and having fun!

Kidz Can Life Coaching builds honesty with techniques building trusted relationships. Kids are always in need of someone they know they can trust!


When a family comes to us with a youth who has experienced domestic violence, we seek to train both the youth and a ‘Trusted Adult’ in the youth’s life. A trusted adult is someone who can commit to the program with the youth and who will listen as time goes on after the program has ended. The goal is to train them and the youth with principles to be used over and over again. We strive help eliminate the ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ that cause many of our global health problems today.

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Legacy Taekwondo

Madison Gymnastics

Flight Museum

East Idaho Aquarium

Rock Gyms

Providing  Positive Childhood Interactions


Eastern Idaho

Seeking Donations and Grants 

current goal


…with your donation “Kidz Can” go to multiple places free of charge to work on life skills in their own activity book, and have Life Coaching that will change their lives.


Advocating, Teaching, Listening.

Huge Commiunity

Come together and be the change!

Be Good and Make Good Choices

The need to stop abuse happens with one choice! Speak up!!! Don’t be afraid to get involved!!!

Positive Interactions

Bringing familes a new perspective!

Speaking Up

Advocating for parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, speaking up to share victims burdens.

Trusted Adults

We support and train adults to become “Trusted Adults” for youth in their lives.

24/7 Live Chat

National Hotline for Mental Health Crisis and Suicide Prevention

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Every registration helps build Kidz Can, Inc. and provides needed funds for Life Coaching, Activity books, client reimbursement interaction activities in their community.

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