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21 Jun, 2023

We Have Great EXCITEment!!!

After three years of learning to build a website on my own, two years of researching how to build a program to help youth… and one year of organizing it all to become a non-profit, I am filled with joy to announce we are a fully backed non-profit! This last week Kidz Can, Inc. received a letter from the IRS with our exemption status and allowing us to be approved as a non-profit.

This opens many doors to that will help us provide more opportunities to youth than we can do on our own. We will be seeking to help those in our area and in the future seek to reach more area’s outside of ours. There are too many youth who struggle and parents who are not sure what resources are available when domestic violence enters their families lives. We want to be another resource that brings a unique perspective of good communication and teaching how to keep boundaries once they are established.

This is an amazing experience and I am so grateful to my own family who has been supporting me to build this non-profit. There have been months that I don’t sleep or if I do its only a few hours through the night. I am grateful to my Board of Directors who came onboard believing in me and my dreams. I am grateful to my interns who have been the first of many to come… these ladies have been a strength I needed. There are so many things I could not have done if it weren’t for them. And of course to my sweet daughter, Olivia, our Youth Ambassador. She has been patiently waiting for me to post her articles. Learning to design a website and do it right has not been easy and she writes faster than I learn how to post them. Now that’s actually fun!!! I have felt inspired to work hard and this approval letter was one of the best bench marks!!!

For those of you who would like to learn more please follow us on social media and check out more of the website.

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