Hello everyone! I am Olivia and I am enjoy writing. As the Kidz Can Ambassador I get to visit the places in the Kidz Can Passport, then I write about my experiences. 



501 (c) 3 Approved

We Have Great EXCITEment!!! After three years of learning to build a website on my own, two years of researching how to build a program to help youth... and one year of organizing it all to become a non-profit, I am filled with joy to announce we are a fully backed...

Champ’s Heart

Olivia Hymas at Champ's Heart in Idaho Falls, IDAHO. First Time to Champ's Heart Olivia got to see the founder of Champ's Heart. She got to ride horses and interview volunteers. Olivia says, "It's A great place to be!" How Can Champ's Heart Will Help Youth

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